Refrigerator repair in Etobicoke repair

Refrigerator repair in Etobicoke

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Important! A professional technician will diagnose and make the necessary repairs on the same day. Repairing the model yourself can lead to serious damage!

Fridge Repair in Etobicoke

A modern suburb is a comfortable place for living. Etobicoke proves it 100%. But is there all you may need for a comfortable life? Even a few years ago finding fridge repair in Etobicoke was a challenge. Fortunately, times are changing, and when you need your fridge to be fixed, you have a wide range of opportunities. Which of them to choose? How about ordering services for refrigerator repair in Etobicoke by ProMaster?

How to Choose Fridge Repair Service in Etobicoke

A homeowner who needs to repair a fridge in Etobicoke has several ways on how to act when his appliances get out of order.

  • Call the nearest repair service (and we are sure, it will be ProMaster's office you may call in that case).
  • Apply for fridge repair in Etobicoke to an authorized service center of the manufacturer. It could be costly as these centers could be hundreds miles away from your residence.
  • Take a broken fridge to Toronto. This could be called reasonable a decade ago but there is no need in such a complex challenge. So it's better not to waste fuel and time trying to get to one of Toronto's appliance repair services.

Besides the location, there are lots of other criteria you should consider. These are prices for repair services, the scope of breakdowns an appliance repair company could cope with, an attitude to a customer and, of course, it is time that a repairman may need to get all the job done. If you consider all these criteria, you can find out that the most reliable and quick Etobicoke fridge repair company is ProMaster.

Refrigerator repair in Etobicoke

5 Reasons to Call Repairmen from ProMaster in Etobicoke

If you still do not sure that calling a ProMaster repairman is a great idea, let's get through some benefits of that solution.

  1. We work with all brands of refrigerators, from local ones to European and Korean companies. The company's repairmen have experience in repairing and servicing refrigeration equipment of both the old type and modern high-tech models.
  2. You don't have to wait for your turn with us. You can choose the time convenient for you in the schedule, and the repairmen will arrive at your address on time.
  3. We do not take equipment to the workshop for repair. Most of the problems in your refrigerator can be fixed right in your home.
  4. Our specialists use original components for all models of refrigerators, so you can be sure that the replaced part will serve for a long time.
  5. Prices in ProMaster are very loyal. You get a full range of services for the repair and maintenance of refrigerators at no extra cost.

If you need to repair the fridge in Etobicoke, just give us a call! We will do our best to make your household appliances last a long time.

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Tell the master the code "DC30" and get a discount of $25

The discount applies only to repair services

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Frequently asked Questions

Would you like more information? Leave a request, we will call you back and advise

  • You can reach out ProMaster Appliance Repair via website request form by clicking here or call us at +1 647-575-6835 and and a member of the office staff will get in touch with you to schedule a date and time convenient to you.

  • Yes. All repairs come with a minimum of 3 and up to 12 months warranty covering both parts and labour.

  • We set appointments as per your request to fit your schedule. We provide 2 hours time frame for a technician to arrive. ( for example between 9-11 am.)

  • We do not charge labour by the hour. The price is based on the type of repair and will be determined on the spot after the diagnostic.

  • During the initial service request we gather all the information in order to obtain all necessary parts for the repairs. If there is a need to order a part, another trip charge is not applied for a return visit.

  • Our service vehicles are in all areas daily, and they are dispatched from our centrally located office.

  • It Depends. Some of the parts are special order and cannot be returned, therefore, the customer will need to pay a deposit. However, in most cases parts are in stock and do not require a deposit.

  • Promaster Appliance, repair most major brands of electrical appliances such as washers, dryers, refrigerators, freezers, dishwashers, ovens, stoves, range hoods and microwaves.

  • Unfortunately, we do not repair gas appliances at the moment.