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Why My Dishwasher Won’t Start?

Using a dishwasher is essential for almost every household in Canada. Yet even the most costly appliance could get out of order and it could happen suddenly your dishwasher won’t start one day you’ll expect it at least.

What could be reasonable for a dishwasher not turning on and how to avoid it? We’ll consider it with your repair service in Toronto and GTA ProMaster.

Dishwasher won’t start

Main Reasons Why Your Dishwasher Won’t Start While Being Serviceable

Some reasons for your dishwasher’s drawbacks are caused by quite simple yet not evident reasons. So before you apply for repair services in ProMaster, please check out the followings.

  • Is your device connected to the electricity? Maybe the cord is disconnected from the socket?
  • Is there a water supply in the household? Even the most innovative appliance may work without liquid supplying.
  • Which detergent is used? Sometimes, using an unsuitable cleanser may cause your dishwasher won’t start. I.e. using soap or washing powder may cause extra soap formation that occurs in errors in its functions.

If these external causes are not detected yet your dishwasher is not starting, it’s time for pros to come into the game.

Let’s Consider Other Cases Why the Dishwasher Not Starting Wash Cycle

In our practice that consists of dozens of successful repairs in Oakville, GTA and neighborhoods, there are several causes that impact the dishwasher’s working routine.

  • The machine turns on, draws water, but then the sink does not start. In this case, most often we are talking about the failure of the circular heating element or a pumping system.
  • The dishwasher turns on, the display lights up, but after pressing the Start button, no water is drawn, the wash cycle does not start. This is typical when the water supply valve is faulty or the lock breaks.
  • After turning on the dishwasher, the drain pump immediately starts to work, while the technician does not respond to the buttons. This means that the machine has turned on Aquastop mode a leakage protection system. It is recommended to drain the water from the sump by pushing and tilting the machine forward (or just wait for the moisture to dry on its own) and restarting.

In any case, a skilled pro may cope with the breakdown easily. To get your repair services per order in Canada, please, contact us. You can get the full info about our “near me repair services” in reviews of our website or just on Google.

Do not hurry to pay the high price for a new appliance if your dishwasher will not start as the cost of fixing it will be more reasonable than buying a new one.

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