Dishes do not come out of the dishwasher clean - reasons and repairs

Many dishwasher users are faced with a strange problem, it seems that the equipment works, the washing program is running, but the dishwasher does not wash, or it is completely unsatisfactory. It would be easier if the machine produced some kind of system error, but it turns out that the dishwasher "does not know" about the breakdown and continues to work. In this case, ProMaster professionals will help you find and fix the problem. Our prices are affordable and we guarantee a flawless result.

Dishes do not come out of the dishwasher clean

We understand the causes of the malfunction

Why won't the dishwasher wash properly? Sometimes it happens that the dishwasher does not wash the dishes well, which leaves streaks or pieces of dirt on it.

There can be many reasons why the dishwasher does not clean the top shelf or generally does not work correctly - the wrong program choice, a clogged filter or nozzle, a broken pump or sensor. There are also more serious malfunctions: a breakdown of the circulation pump, a faulty temperature sensor, a control module, and much more.

A dishwasher is a capricious technique, therefore, the elimination of both minor and more serious malfunctions should be entrusted only to a qualified master.

How to fix the problem if the dishwasher won't wash the dishes

If the dishwasher won't wash, you don't have to try to fix it yourself. Better just call the master. He will determine exactly what is the cause of the breakdown. What are the advantages of a professional renovation?

  • High-quality diagnostics and determination of the reasons why the dishwasher does not wash the dishes.
  • Performing the most difficult repairs.
  • Using only original components (not aftermarket).
  • Affordable cost.
  • Saving you time and effort.
  • Component warranty.
  • Read reviews about the work of our repair service on the website.

Therefore, if you see that the dishwasher does not wash the dishes, you should urgently call us. When submitting an initial application, the client receives a telephone consultation, during which elementary reasons that the dishwasher is poorly cleaned are excluded. Then the master goes to order for free diagnostics, having determined the cause of the malfunction, the specialist proceeds to repair the dishwasher at a convenient time for the customer. We work daily until 21:00 seven days a week, leaving for Ontario GTA area Toronto, North York, Brampton, Hamilton, Oakville, Mississauga, Scarborough, Vaughan, Richmond Hill, Etobicoke). Therefore, if you live near these cities and your household appliances require repair, we are ready to come to you promptly and eliminate any malfunction.

A written guarantee is given for the work performed and the spare parts installed.

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